Lennox Absolute Comfort
Lennox Bloom

We had about 12 weeks to deliver 3 different commercials for Lennox Home Heating and Cooling. Aside from a tiny shoot with the brand’s icon that we squeezed in at the very beginning of production, the biggest amount of work – by far – was split across 3 different post production houses around the globe.

For “Absolute Comfort”, Blackmountain in Stuttgart (Germany) modelled, rigged, and animated all the scenes. After that, the CG files were packaged and sent way down to Adelaide, Australia, to Resin for lighting, shading, rendering and compositing.

The Mill NY handled the two other films, “Connected” and “Bloom”. The Ebeling Group managed shared assets between the different houses as well as communication through the timezones.


The general approach wasn’t all too unusual. We started with storyboards and style frames, and went through multiple stages of layouts, animatics, and shading tests before heading into rendering and online. GSD&M were great sports throughout the process and a ton of fun on top. Really cool experience that sounded much more stressful on paper.

Lennox US Agency: GSD&M
Director: Abed Abonamous
Production: The Ebeling Group ( theebelinggroup.com )
CG: BlackMountain VFX ( blackmountain.de )
CG: The Mill NY ( themill.com )
CG: resin ( resin.com.au )