Dawn of War III

My treatment for this game trailer was titled "Apotheosis". Inspired by the late, great Zdzisław Beksiński. With countless thanks to the great teams at Relic, Axis Animation, and Rage Music.

Detailed article on CartoonBrew.

Making Of Video.

I also directed a series of "animated paintings" to be used as cutscenes in the Dawn of War III game. More on those once the game is released.

Directed and written by: Abed Abonamous

Relic Entertainment - client Brand Manager: Danielle Robinson Executive Producer: Stephen MacDonald Game Director: Phillipe Boulle Art Director: Matt Kuzminski Brand Director: Alex Price
Axis Animation - all things visual Executive Producer: Debbie Ross Producer: Caleb Bouchard Associate Producers: Christian Illingworth, Alex Morgan Art Director: Gareth Hector CGI Supervisor: Sergio Caires VFX Supervisor: Hudson Martins Animation Supervisor: Steven Graham
Rage Music - all things audible Creative Director & Composer: Paul Leonard-Morgan Head of Music: Caroline Gorman
VO Actress: Alison Reddihough